30 Day Challenge--Day 10

A book that reminds me of home.  


This choice is going to probably make home sound like something out of a Rob Zombie movie, but it has a story behind it. 




So, The Exorcist reminds me of home. I have always had a love/hate relationship with scary movies.  I'd watch them with my parents and then never sleep again because I terrified myself so much. I pretty much grew up on horror movies of all kinds even despite the fact that I couldn't go outside at night alone for years because of them.  I used to jump from car to car going up my (embarrassingly short) driveway when it was dark because I was so afraid something was going to get me. Anyway.  So, one day when I was bored and couldn't find a horror movie on tv, my mom gave me a book to read. Enter The Exorcist.  

Being a 12 year old Catholic girl with an already overactive imagination, you can imagine what this did to me. Anyone remember the Friend's episode where Joey hides It in a freezer when it gets to scary?  Picture that, but outdoor hiding spots because I was too scared to be indoors alone with it.  I eventually finished it, it took me a while because I would only read it in group settings because apparently I thought that would help keep me safe from Captain Howdy. My parents kept track of my progress and found my complete and utter terror absolutely hilarious and still to this day give me crap about it.  So, I'll never be able to watch the movie or read the book without thinking of them (and the trauma they put me through) and home.