30 Day Challenge--Day 11

A book that I hated. 




What a horrible, horrible freaking book this was. I've strongly disliked books, but I rarely ever just hate a book. Well, I hate this one.  I'll admit that I tend to get overly attached to characters in books/tv/movies.  My friends and I discuss fictional characters like we actually know them. So, when something happens to a fictional characters that I don't think should have happened AND it happened because of a complete idiot AND said complete idiot goes on to live happily ever after with "the one she should have been with in the first place", I just don't take it well.  This book was one of the few times where the "team" that I picked didn't win. And I am apparently an incredibly sore loser.  I still haven't read anything else by this author. I definitely didn't read the alternate POV for this book.  I probably would have raised a pitchfork mob to head over to the author's house to help voice my opinions on how I felt. 


Overdramatic much?  Well yeah. I'll own up to that. This book wasn't really bad for the most part, I guess.  It was well written, in that you actually kind of understood the lead chick's indecision. Does that make me hate it any less? Abso-freaking-lutely not.