30 Day Book Challenge--Day 13

The days are starting to get away from me here, so I'm running behind. Anyway


My Favorite Writer. This one is super easy for me...



Tennessee Williams.  So yeah, he only has written two actual novels and the rest are either plays, screenplays, or short stories but whatever, I love him. So much so, that stop numero uno the last time we went to New Orleans was the first house he lived in there, a place where so many of his works first got there start and now is a museum dedicated to him. Next time I go, I'm totally hitting the bar that he supposedly still haunts and I'm going to do this in March so I can hit the Tennessee Williams Festival while I'm at it. 




I can't even really explain why I love his works so much, they just hit me in a way that I can't really describe.  They just make me feel pretty much every emotion imaginable.  


Now I need to go reread some stuff and watch a few of the movies while I'm at it.