Honestly, I just straight up love RL Mathewson. This will probably come off as a little fan girlish because I even if I find fault in the books, I usually just don't give a crap. Especially the Neighbor from Hell series. Anyhoo.


Truce was my favorite of the Neighbor series so far.   We still had the usual crazy antics between Robert and Elizabeth that you come to expect from the series, but this book in general seemed cleaner than the rest in the series. I dug the historical aspect of the book too, being able to see history of the Bradford men as we know then now was fun. And being able to do that without getting to heavy in the historical stuff was even better, so well played on that aspect of the book.


Overall, if you like the Neighbor from Hell series, you are going to like this. Robert and Elizabeth rocked. Especially Elizabeth.  She's definitely my favorite heroine of RL's yet. I can't wait to see where else this series takes us.