I finally finished it!  And it hasn't even been a month, so score for Bold Tricks.  I like the entire Artist Trilogy, but I literally had to force myself to get through the first half of both of the books. (I loved On Every Street though, even if Javier is a sociopath.)  The last half of both of them were great though, I just hated that it was like pulling teeth for me to finally get to that point. So, because of that it has taken me forever to finally suck it up and buckle down into this book. Thankfully, it set up a good pace to start and stayed there.  I need the action in this series, it's what makes it interesting for me. I didn't love any of the characters. I liked Camden and Ellie (and even sometimes Javier), but I never was able to get fully involved with any of them.  Especially Ellie.  Good god, I was beyond thrilled when she finally got her shit together. She has been added to my list of book chicks that I really wish I could slap a few times. Anyway. 

Overall, Bold Tricks tied the series together well. It was fast paced (yay!) and helped everything come full circle and was able to allow everyone ride off into the sunset together in a fairly believable way.  

Javier and his beloved Cartel (everyone be damned) & Camden, Ellie, Gus and Ben.  It's the ending that should have been. I can't picture Javier ever truly loving someone and I don't know that I want too yet. 

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As a side note, Javier was probably the most surprising in this book.  I was always team Camden (still am), but he redeemed himself as much as a man like him really can.  I'm actually looking forward to Dirty Angels now. I'm curious to see how it's going to play out with him..