So, I've made it a mission the last couple of days to finally read all of the books that I have started but put down for various reasons. I've been working on this one for months now and finally made it through.  And now I'm rethinking this whole mission of mine. 


 A Beautiful Lie was meh.  I'm not sure if it was the crazy dramatic CIA/Seal story line, the characters, or third-person omniscient/narrative/constant jumping back and forth, frustrating writing style.  It wasn't bad, per say. Actually, I found it fairly entertaining. Just not in the way it was supposed to be.  It was like one of those movies that tries to make itself so serious with crazy ass plot twists and see what I can think up next moments, where it is eventually becomes fun to see what is going to happen next but without actually taking anything seriously. Enter A Beautiful LIe.

Overall, I think this book was a case of someone wanting to step away from her typical genre (Chocolate Lovers for those not in the know) and do something else but not quite making it.  There seems to be potential for better things from this series. I know Tara Sivec is a good writer, so I think she can do better. Given that, I may eventually read the next book in the series.  We'll see I guess.