Purple skinny jeans? Really?




That is what I took from Jet.  Super hot metal god who wears colorful skinny jeans. Just, no. I can't wrap my brain around that being even remotely hot. Let's try to conjure up the image of the likes of Phil Anselmo, Glen Danzig, Zakk Wylde or Lemmy wearing purple skinny jeans. Your brain automatically rejected that idea, yeah?  If that's the style now, then I'll just stick to my old school metal and punk and never leave. I know that I'm being superficial here and judging a book around a dude's questionable fashion choice, but I couldn't bring myself to like Jet. So, between that and a female lead who was so much more likable in Rule (when we didn't have to read about her for an entire book), Jet missed the mark. 


I'm really hoping that Jet is going to end up the fluke of the series though, because I'm digging the premise for Rome's book.