So, I finally got around to reading this one.  And only after it's been sitting on my tbr list for around 2 years too! Anyhoo, it's premiering on HBO this weekend, so I'm like hey I'll read this before I finally watch the movie that I have had no real interest in watching unless it's on tv and I don't have to pay for it. As a side note, it's pretty much sacrilegious for me to watch a movie that I know is based on a book before watching the movie. I did it with LOTR and it completely ruined the books for me and the movies only serve as a reminder of the torture of reading the books now. Never again! 


My first thought was mucho props to all of those teenagers that actually too the time to read this book.  How it is possible that it was so freaking long? And really, are teenagers now actually that blasé about random supernatural things happening around them? Oh, we can talk telepathically and I keep having this incredibly vivid dreams about you?  I don't need to know why, it's cool.  You're a vampire?  No biggie, I don't need my family or mortality anyway. Aliens?  Awesome!  If it turns out that all of this shit is actually real, it's not going to affect anything at all amongst the kiddie crowd.  Ahh, to be young again. 


Anyway, the book.  I liked the premise behind it. It seemed like it would have been interesting if I could have managed to not get bored every other chapter waiting on something, or really anything, interesting to happen.  This may be one of the few books that I'm beyond grateful that a book has to be chopped to fit into an allotted movie time.  Without all of that unneeded filler, I think this book may have been good.