After the debacle that was Beautiful Creatures, I need a quick and sweet read to recover. Forever, Jack is just that. Neither this book, or it's predecessor Eversea, are life-altering reads.  It's your typical Hollywood hunk, Jack, meets small town girl, Keri Anne, who captures his heart book with the thrown in crazy ass ex for good measure. It is still a decently written and a good read for when you need a light and fluffy escape. I liked this one a little less than Eversea though, mainly because you could have chopped a lot of the book, stuck it in Eversea and had the same impact. All of this without the annoying cliffy ending that makes you want to throat punch the author too. But Forever, Jack does it's job.  It wraps up the story in a sweet and predictable way, all the while setting up for the next book in the series.