SO.  I liked Beautiful Disaster.  It was an absolute hot mess of enjoyment. I hated Walking Disaster though. It was just a hot mess of bad.  Really bad.  I guess this one sits somewhere in between those two. I knew from the start when

 Abby proposes so Travis can have an alibi.  Who does that? And not tell Travis because she knows he would be furious.  That's not romantic.  It doesn't make me want to weep with joy from the "sacrifices" she would make to save him from jail. It just pisses me off.  

(show spoiler)

There are just some things that take away from a story.  That would be it. Let's not make characters deserve a throat punch even more. 

Anyhoo. Other than above rant, the book itself wasn't terrible. Or maybe because it was short so you didn't have time to ruminate on all of the annoying stuff. It does have it's moments though (anything with Travis. As much as I dislike Abby, I like Travis. I'm down with a good douchebag. Yes, I have issues), so that's something I guess.  


To skip to the point. If you aren't a crazy BD fan, don't bother.