So, we're now 4 books into KA's Fantasyland series with Broken Dove.  A book, I may add, I thought would be the last in a series. It's not, there is one more and I have no flipping clue why there is going to be one more. I shouldn't be bummed out by that, but yet I am. Anyhoo. 


I spent this book in two states.  State one consisted of my typical KA fangirling. I've had a problem with KA's recent stuff paling in comparison to her previous work. I hoped with this going back to being self published that this would change, and it did.  Broken Dove actually gave us a little more...oomph.  I loved the dynamic between Apollo and Isla (Maddie), adding in the dynamic of him bringing in the twin of his dead wife and mother to his kids just brought even more.  And then state two happened. The story started to drag on and on and on...  I've already been known to skim the excessive clothing/room descriptions but with this one, I ended up skimming some of the relationship too.  I'm not saying that it wasn't interesting, more so that it was repetitive.  And I really wanted to get to the ending to see how everything played out, seeing that I thought it was the last book in a series filled with dragons, witches, elves, and various sociopaths.  I assumed that the ending was going to be pretty badass. So, I skimmed and finally got to the action and I was right, it was a pretty great ending for a KA book. Except the series isn't over and I don't really get why.  I guess I'm going to have to just trust in Noc's book fitting in with the series and the whole no longer having the major threats of the previous books to not mess anything up with the series that I really, really dug. 


All in all, I really liked this addition to the series. It was a little drug out, even for a KA book (and let's face it, that's saying something) but, I loved the relationship dynamic between Apollo, Maddie and his kids so it was worth it, with the skimming, of course. There is only so many times you need to have every.single.dress described.