It's Brian!...oh wait, no. Just Gabby.




3 stars for this one. When you have one book with a guy who is clearly totally awesome and impossible to improve upon, it is just kind of hard for anyone else to live up to him. None of the other books in this series are bad, but only one of them can be Brian.


Gabby was just straight up frustrating. I spent most of the book wanting to slap some sense into her.  Ian was a pretty good character, but see above ode to the awesomeness of Brian to see why I just never loved him.  I think the most disappointing aspect of this book was Gabby's parents.  What happened to the awesome and understanding parents we saw in Evan and Brian's books?  Something was just off for most of the book and not just because it wasn't about all about Brian (though, hey that did play a part in it). Overall, this was just a good book to kill some time with, but that is all it is, a good time killer.