Wooo. Well, I'm a hot mess of emotions after that one.


 What's Left of Me really was just a really good book. I enjoyed reading about the relationship that eventually formed between Aundrea and Parker, but it was Aundrea's fight with cancer, her feelings about what she was dealing with and her struggle to learn to live through all of it that made this book. It was just straight up heart wrenching to read everything that she was thinking and feeling, all the while falling in love with Parker.


Someone once told me that it's not about whether there is life after you die, but whether you're alive before you die.


That pretty much defines the entire point of this book for me. A struggle to find the want to be alive, not to just live, but to be truly alive.

I will throw it out there that I didn't love the epilogue. Well let me rephrase, I did and didn't. The whole Dallas-esque aspect of it just about killed me. Cruel and unusual punishment, I tell you. Us emotional basket cases can't handle that kind of stuff. I was all kinds of thrilled to see it though. I just ask the author to keep us crazies in mind before she does it again.


Much props.