Well. This was just not a good book. The whole story line just seemed to be trying too hard to slam as many cliches as humanly possible into one book. Even taking out one of the details

such as the closeted roommate, stereotypical gay friend, way to Italian restaurant owners, first time sex pregnancy, super hot bitchy boyfriend stealing model, car accident to show the chick that she actually did love the guy, in lust with one guy for most of the book and then bam, in love with a different one, psychic mom, empath daughter, feuding grandmothers...  See where I'm going with this? 

(show spoiler)

would have made a world of a difference. I do want to add that I think it was well written (grammatically and what not) though, hence the additional star. 

Overall, it just didn't flip my skirt and a book about rooming with 3 hot male models totally should. Repeatedly and often.