Well, shit. I guess I can't complain about all Twilight fan fiction being completely pointless and shitty anymore. I'm not sure what to do with that.  


Now several hours and a massive headache later I'm stuck with all of this in my head and I really, really wish I could erase it all. An idiotic, self destructive, weak, horrible girl and a drug-addicted, obsessive, abusive, cheating and borderline stalker boy are the central characters, surrounded by a shit ton of other equally horrible (albeit in different ways) characters. Seriously, there was absolutely nothing redeeming throughout this entire 38 chapters.  Yes, 38 long and miserable chapters that I absolutely could not stop reading. God. Angsty romance my ass, this was just...I don't know. I can't even about the ending. 


Anyway. This is apparently getting published, as Innocents, this summer. I wish I would have just waited until after it was published and had all of the Twilight characters changed up so at least I could have missed that part of the misery.  Also, hopefully trimmed up quite a bit.  There is only so much shit that one can read in a book. 


Oh yeah, 4 stars since I'm fucking pissed because I hated it this much and still couldn't detach my iPad from my hand.  I guess Dusty and Bliss aren't the only idiotic masochists.