2 for the price of 1!!

Kaleidoscope - Kristen Ashley

Kidnappings, that is.  I don't remember if I actually reviewed Jagged or not, though I'm sure that even if I did, I didn't include my endless rant about the fact that no one was kidnapped in it.  It may be a little crazy, but it ticked me off.  All of the other CM books had the MC get kidnapped for some reason or another.  My friend, who cannot remember book titles to save her life, knew what book I was talking about based on the type of kidnapping.  So, with Jagged just skipping over all of that (and in doing so, gave us a pretty blah book), I was totally bummed.  I guess KA felt bad for skipping that storyline in that one, so she added two kidnappings in Kaleidoscope.  I wish that it would have actually added something more to the book though.  


I don't know if I'm just burnt out on KA or what, but I have had a hard time with all of her recent releases.  Deck and Emme's story was better than the last few, but it still didn't wow me like her other ones. I'm a self-proclaimed KA fangirl, even if I make fun of the repetitive plot lines, overt drama, and cheesy banter, I still love/obsess over them. Now that it is gone, I miss the shit out of all of that.   At this point, you should hit up Youtube and search Cinderella's song, "You don't know what you got 'til it's gone". Yeah, that's what happening with me now and I'm totally listening to it while I type up this not so much of a review.  There's nothing like 80's glam rock to profess your feelings. Tom Keiffer just gets me.