Very Bad Things (Briarcrest Academy) (Volume 1) - Ilsa Madden-Mills

Good god, why do I keep torturing myself with teenagers behaving badly?  I'm obviously setting myself up to turn into one of those helicopter parents who never let their kids out of a 2 inch radius.  Except with teenagers. I'm totally going  to start brushing up on my ninja-mom skills so I can randomly pop up out of nowhere to keep them in line.  And homeschool.  It's happening. 



On an actual book related note, this was another whole lot of no. There was plenty of potential to be a good story line I guess, but I had zero connection with the characters.  

I also had serious issues with how a specific aspect played out...

Nora was repeatedly raped by her half-brother for years.  At one point she was even gang raped. It took her years to admit it to her mother, who refused to believe her, so she kept it to herself.  Understandable.  But when she finally, finally told people it just seemed like the author didn't really take it as seriously as she should.  And then it ended with Finn (the brother) dying in a car crash after attacking Nora one last time.  Then nothing.  This is another one of those subjects for me that can't really just be skated over like that.  Rape is a big deal, don't use it as a book filler. 

(show spoiler)

I did like Leo though, when he finally pulled his head out of his ass.  I guess that's something.