Reading progress update: I've read 152 out of 326 pages.

God-Shaped Hole - Tiffanie DeBartolo

Due date for paper pushed back= Me finally getting a chance to finish this book.  It's happening even if I have to pull an all nighter.  




I eventually had to quit. Being at the shelter was even more depressing than being at home. And I still feel guilty about not saving those fucking dogs. I should have protected them. Just like I should have protected Jacob. I should have kidnapped him and take him to some perfect, southern, Eggleston-snapshot of an Elysian Field. 

I should have locked him up instead of throwing him to the wolves. 

I should have never let anyone or anything hurt him. 

How many times in your life are you allowed to say "If only..?"



Oh, that does not sound good at all. At all. I wish I would have gotten some ice cream now.