Surviving Raine  - Shay Savage

Of all of the books that I have read in the last week or so, this was probably the most intriguing one. That doesn't necessarily mean that I loved it, but it was the NA book that kept my attention the longest. 


Bastien was a very interesting character, in a seriously fucked up way.  He is a massive, massive douchebag but something about him makes you want to stick with him and hope that he gets his shit together while at the same time, you kind of hope that he doesn't too. It's one of those conundrums that makes me happy.

That said, he kind of overshadowed Raine in the book because of that.  She was an good character, but she just ended up being a bit player in the story that was Bastien. I hope to get more from her as a person, rather than just being that chick that Bastien saved and eventually loved, in the next book. 



Oh, and while I get the whole Pit Bull comparison, it annoyed me as much as it did Bastien.  No one wants to be compared to a dog no matter how well meaning you want it to be.