Just too much

Fraternizing - C.C.   Brown

I was looking forward to finally reading this book since the next in the series out soon.  It seemed like a relatively fresh take on the whole student/teacher genre given the military setting. However, there was just too much unnecessary drama, too much sex (yes, I said that), too much frustrating crap.  Did I mention that there was just too much drama?  After a while I just ended up skimming to see how it was going to end.  I just had to see what else was going to happen, because I knew something was and I was willing to give the extra half star just because of it.  


I was right by the way.



I do want to say that I appreciate the fact that the author did know what she was talking about.  One of my biggest pet peeves with books is when the author writes about something that they know nothing about and they do not do enough research to make what they are writing about work. This author is obviously affiliated with the military and you could tell.  Well, I could anyway.  


To cut to the point, this was just not my scene.  I can see where people would dig it, but it was just too overwhelmingly frustrating for me.