Preservation  - Rachael Wade

That was not a good book.  At all.  


You know, I don't know that I've ever given a book a one star review.  Wait, I've done it with two others.  Out of almost 700 books.  I checked.  I guess that alone says something about what I thought about this one. 


I've read a lot of insta-love books.  It seems to be the go to scenario in NA books.  But this one just blew the rest of out of the water.  I honestly had no fucking clue what was going on.  There was nothing to make me understand how this relationship happened.  No development whatsoever.  I may have missed something in the 3 pages before they got together though.  Maybe 3 pages is a slight exaggeration, but it was one chapter.  One.  


So, before this turns into an massive rant into why I hated this book so much (I jacked up my fingernails trying to remove wallpaper that would apparently withstand a nuclear holocaust. Typing sucks.), I'm just going to skip to the end and what had my jaw dropping. 


I'm an unusually forgiving person, especially in relationships.  Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone has growing room. That is what makes humans, well human. But I swear on Jim Morrison, if my boyfriend stole my publishing deal and in turn my livelihood and my future, I would rain down such a massive amount of hatred and revenge that he would fear ever stepping out of his house again.  So, color me shocked when, after reading the dedication in the book that her ex had published with the deal that he STOLE OUT FROM UNDER HER, she decided to forgive him, get back together with and AGREE TO MARRY HIM.  My brain exploded.  I could see this happening if it was say, a way to initiate the epic plan to crush his soul. I have an odd feeling that is not how the sequel to this book plays out though.  I guess even I have lines in the sand that I am unwilling to cross with my characters. 


So, in summary.  


No.  No, no, no, no, no.  No.