Darkness Before Dawn - Claire Contreras

So, good news. No need for the pitchfork wielding mob.  The bad news is that I don't need one because can't bring myself to care enough about what happened in the book.


I don't really have much to say about this series.  So much happened in the books, yet nothing really happened at the same time.  How does that happen? Did I just not understand anything in it? 


Initially, I thought this series was going to center around Blake's kidnapping and her parent's murder when she was 4. That's what the synopsis said, yeah?  Her constant fear of state of fear and need for control and her past beginning to collide with her present? So, why did I read a book about her relationship with Cole with a side of what was actually the interesting aspect of the story instead?  The series was so focused on the relationship aspect that the rest of the story got lost in translation.  I never had any clue why anything was happening.  Through two books. The plot was so convoluted with all of the different characters just randomly appearing with no real backstory.  He's dead, no he's not actually dead.  Who is related to who, how they are related, this person knowing someone was alive when that person didn't.  Hey, watch out for those people, but never bother to tell me why I have to.  Were they actually in with the bad guys or did the author just throw that in because she felt that weren't already confused enough? 



I think that there was potential for this series to be good.  I guess I can see why others did this is was outstanding.  The relationship between Blake and Cole was interesting, even though they both were frustrating as hell. There just was not enough of a balance between the relationship story line and the rest of the book. There needed to be a shit ton more focus on the whole kidnapping story line to make it a more fluid story. 


I think I may need to take a break from the entire NA/Romance genre for a bit.  I've read too many blah books and it's starting to wear on my patience. I know that the indie book world can offer more than what I've read lately.