Maybe Someday. Kind of a perfect title for this review too.

Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover

Before I start with anything, I just want to say that Colleen Hoover gives good sidekick.  Really. My favorite characters always end up being the secondary characters. 


Maybe Someday wasn't my favorite book by Colleen Hoover, but I do think it is one that is really starting bring her talent to the forefront. She has a talent for making uncomfortable situations more palatable.  I can't say if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but it does make it immensely readable and because of that more relatable.  She always give me that happy feeling when I reach that last page. 


However, at the same time, it also kind of does a disservice by making everything seem... understandable? Okay? I can't think of the proper word for it.  Sugarcoated.  She adds something in there to sugarcoat the situation so you can willingly and excitedly accept what happens. It's the same thing as killing off a side of the triangle. It's a cop-out. That said, I think that it is what should happen in this genre so I can't really fault her for it if I go into the book knowing what type of book I am reading.  So maybe I have more of a problem with the New Adult genre in general more than anything else. 


Based on those two completely different views, I'm obviously kind of torn with my opinions. I didn't care for how the situation between Sydney, Ridge and Maggie resolved itself. For that matter, I didn't really care for Syndey in general. I did not dislike her, but rather I was ambivalent toward her.  However, I loved a lot of this book. I loved Ridge and Warren. They both cracked me up. 



"Sydney: SQUEEEE! Me: If those letters really make up a sound, I am so, so glad I can't hear it." 


I loved the love-triangle aspect of it. I know that I tend to be in the minority in that, but I love the emotions brought out because of them. I loved the idea of the music, even if I didn't care for the music itself. And I loved that even despite the stuff I didn't love, I still finished feeling that I read a good book.  


So, was it a good book? Yes, definitely. Especially for the genre. Colleen Hoover is one of the reasons that NA is readable for me.  Did I wish that I could have gotten more? Yes. Thankfully, she has continually gotten better with every book, so I know that I'll get that more from her soon enough.  So, maybe not someday.  Definitely someday.