Room For More

Room For More (Cranberry Inn) - Beth Ehemann



^ My reaction if I was coordinated enough to do it. 


So, Room For More.  I loved it. Loved. It's kind of hard to find that perfect mixture of angst, humor, and overbearing adorableness. Unless you are, apparently, Beth Ehemann.  


When I read Room For You, I really wasn't expecting much. I had been disenchanted with a lot of books within the Contemporary/New Adult romance genre.  So, I was pleasantly surprised when I ended up loving the book.  It was sweet, funny, and well written. Even the things that I usually get annoyed over were done in a way where I actually liked it. Because of that, I went into this book with really, really high hopes and expectations.  And I was not disappointed. 


I think what I liked the most about this book, and this series, is that it just makes you feel good. Brody and Kacie both are just two super cute and relatable people.  You want to be friends with them.  You want to go visit them at the Cranberry Inn.  You really, really want to check out some hockey games and see if you can find your own Brody (or Viper).  This is not just because the sex is hot or that he is a famous hockey player.  It's because he loves his girls "more than all of the zeros in his new contract" and everything about these books show it. Even the angsty parts. 


The Twinkies are adorable. Kacie is a MC that you can like and respect. And Brody is someone that you wish you could (s)tumble on (literally) for yourself. So, if you want to read something that is light-ish, funny, sweet,  and with great characters, this is most definitely the series for you.