Amity - Micol Ostow

To be published-8/24/2014


I was actually fairly surprised by how much I liked Amity.  It had a bit of a viscerally poetic feel too it.

It added more of what I actually wanted to see from other books on the happenings at Amity. It was throughly creepy and disturbing, all the while making the story very readable. Even if you already know the story, it gives you a little more and makes you want to continue on to see how it is going to play out with the new families.


Speaking of the new families. This follows two separate families, complete with vastly different dynamics, over the span of 10 years.-It seems the horror only happens in 10 year spans in this storyline. Interesting way to answer some questions there.- I think being able to directly compare the happenings between the families and how different people react to Amity is what made this intriguing. Who is strong enough to save themselves? Who is going to succumb to the house(her)? Who is going to enjoy succumbing to the house(her)? It does have it's creepy-ish moments, but it's the psychological aspect that kept me turning the pages.


The reasoning behind the lower rating from me was the ending. It was far to abrupt. We know to expect 28 days. We know the general idea behind what has happened and what may happen. However, it sets up for a surprise twist ending that eventually just fizzles out. It wasn't enough to end with the bang that the author seemed to be shooting for.


Overall, I enjoyed this. It most definitely should be noted that this is a YA take on the Amityville horror, so you shouldn't go into expecting to read something akin to a Stephen King novel. For the genre, though, it works.


Arc provided by Egmont USA via Netgalley for a fair and honest review.