I don't know why I keep doing this to myself.

Seeing Stars (The Celebrity Series) - J. Sterling


Seeing Stars wasn't bad but it was pretty much the definition of cliché. My eye muscles got a good workout from all of the rolling they did. 


To elaborate some, this is your typical beach read.  There isn't any drama, there isn't much of anything really.  It's just a quick and easy read, to the point that when something finally starts to happen you realize that you are already at the epilogue and wondered what just happened.


On the plus side, if you are looking for something that is quick, easy, and has perfect characters in which everything ends perfectly perfect, you've got it with this one. 



Side note..I've been in a slightly bitchy and cynical mood lately and it's entirely possible that it is affecting my reviews.


But then again, I've been that way for 30ish years, so take what you want from it.