A Language Apocalypse...Scary

The Word Exchange: A Novel - Alena Graedon

There is so much that I wanted to like about this book, but it eventually fell just shy of enjoyable.


The basic premise of it is the contraction of a "word flu". This really is a terrifying idea. Especially in a day and age where people are fluent in text speak, it seems like it is all the more possible too. I can barely decipher the younger generations' (I said that. It's official, I am getting old) version of a language now, so why wouldn't it be possible that it would just eventually disappear?


The problem that I had with this book though was the language. A little bit of an oxymoron, yeah? A book about the loss of language losing me because of the language. I completely understand why it was written the way it was. These people worked at a place called the Dictionary, which focused on preserving the written language and book, in a world that was consumed with leaning on technology for everything in life, including speaking to one another. But as the word flu progressed with the characters within the book, it just got harder and harder to stay with it.


I guess that was the point entirely.

If you do eventually give this book a shot, and the idea alone makes it worth it to try, be prepared for an undertaking.


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