Mud Vein - Tarryn Fisher

If someone asked me to name one author who has the distinct ability to write such broken, yet beautifully complicated characters, Tarryn Fisher would be the first person to come to mind.  She has such a unique ability to give you a brutally honest depiction of human nature.  It is almost hard for me to read the books she writes. To see so much of myself on the pages in her characters.  That's also why I love to read her books. They never fail to make me think and gives me insight into how others deal with this thing called life. 


At the first glance of Mud Vein, my initial thoughts lead me to focus more on the kidnapping and imprisonment of Senna. That's what the synopsis says after all.  Eventually though, the physical imprisonment plays second fiddle to the emotional imprisonment of Senna.  She has experienced so many things in life that essentially shut her down. The same experiences and people that have contributed to that mud vein. So, while this book is about unraveling the mystery that surrounds her captivity, it is SO much more than that. It's about strength, love, weakness, freedom, hate, self-loathing, fear, acceptance and peace.  It's about life and the gamut of happenings that shape it.  It's about freeing yourself from captivity in many different aspects. It's truth. It's just amazing. 



I wish I could give a better idea on my feelings about this book, but I just can't. It's something that I always experience when I read any of Ms. Fisher's books.  I can never get everything I'm feeling out, much less process it coherently. Her books are always an experience. This one even more. It just needs to be read.  



"Why are you here?" "Because you are."