My non-book related post for today.  



April is the month of the Military Child.  Because of that, I wanted to share some insight..


My oldest kiddo, who will be 14 next month, will start his 7th school this year and he's only going into the 9th grade.  He's lived in 5 different states (a couple more than once) and said see you later to countless amounts of friends and family members.  


He's also been able to live in 5 different states and met numerous different people and made countless friends during that time. Many of those have made significant impacts on his life then and in the future. 


My other two kiddos, thankfully, have led a slightly more stable life as my husband has advanced in his career, with only 3 states with 3 schools, and 2 states with 2 schools, respectively.  


The life of a military kid is a tough but rewarding one.  My brats handle change better than most people I have ever met. As a kid who went to the same school K-12, I have a lot of respect for the challenges they have and I hope that after our next move this summer we can finally give them a break and let them settle. 


So, keep in mind the kids when you think of the military life.  I think they really are the ones who face the biggest challenges and rewards during their formative years because of this life.