Spoilers, yo.

Compromising - C.C.   Brown




Sometimes my need to finish a series ends up being a massive pain in my ass.  Especially when I didn't really care for the first book in the series in the first place.  But you know, sometimes that second book can make up for a first book.  It's happened to me before, so I usually try to get at least two books into a series before I call it a wash unless I completely despised the first book.  


Anyway, Compromising.  


Well, it WAS better than the first book.  That doesn't really mean that it was good though.  My biggest issue with Fraternizing was that it was just too much. So much so that it was just overwhelming to the nth degree.  Compromising, thankfully wasn't that bad. It was still too much though.  


This series is based around the fact that an NCO/instructor (Alex) banged one of his students (Cassie).  Yeah, they eventually fall in love, blah blah, but at the end of the day he he lusted after her and broke the rules. A pretty major one at that, since it was in school AND she ended up in the top of her class.  Even if it was by her own merit (which it was) it still looks shady as hell. And after mucho drama, they get caught and he gets his one way trip to the brig. End scene. 


This is where Compromising picks up. And it gets it's sugar coated happy ending to the fraternization charge a third of the way in.  They both got off completely scot free because of a due process issue. What bothered me in this entire thing is the fact that we never found out why the person who was so dead set determined to get Alex some serious brig time.  That is where this should have focused on.  The fraternization case and the reasons behind it. Not a wee bit of that, case closed, and then the rest around Alex's anger issues and his subsequent deployment. If the author would have cut out one of the kajillion sex scenes in the first book, she could have actually wrapped everything with the actual fraternization case up in one book and called it a day.


 I would have probably really liked it then.