I Call Him Brady: A Novel - K. S. Thomas

Who needs to study?  Apparently not me since I spent the last couple of hours avoiding it by reading while emailing loan & insurance people.  I'm going to do it now.  Really.  Especially since my first final is tomorrow.  


Anyhoo.  My review. 



So flippin' cute! 

I'll be the first to admit that I am a huge sucker for the regular chick hooking up with the famous, hot actor. So, this one definitely hit the spot with me. 

It's chock full of insta-love, which can be grating to some (and yes, it did annoy me ever so slightly) but the rest of the book made up for it. I loved the snarky humor between Embers and May. Not to mention little 5 year old Jessa. 

"But no one could trump Jessa, who waited for the moment the manager came by to see if we had enjoyed our meal, and then stared him square in the eye to calmly say: "In case you were wondering. This is my mommy and this is my daddy and this is my other mommy because my mom can't make her mind, just like Lindsay Lohan. "

I almost choked to death on my nectar of the gods otherwise known as Dr. Pepper. 

Overall, this book is just what you would want when you are looking for a fluffy and hilarious beach type read. It's quick (as in I finished it in a few hours), cute and funny as hell.