Man, what a ride.

Love, in English - Karina Halle

I'm still trying to process this book. I hate being undecided on my feelings. I am just so confused, in awe, in love, unsure, etc.


So, I've had a week to ruminate and I think I have finally figured everything out and can get it out there more clearly.


I struggled with part one pretty heavily. I never really formed any actual feelings for Mateo, which in turn never was able to understand the why of him being willing to throw away his marriage. It finally dawned on me today, though, that every other book I have read about this subject has always been in the POV of the "cheating party" in the relationship. We didn't get that here. It was the outside party, Vera, POV that we saw. In the end though, that is what made this book so different and so outstanding though. As it went on, I finally started to be able to see all of the pieces that made Vera and Mateo and was able to reconcile my feelings better. It was all up from there.


Vera was just an astounding character. Karina has always had such a way to create some of the most relatable female characters. Almost everyone can find something in them that they can relate to themselves. She really hit it out of the part with Vera for me though. I felt such a connection with her character. The dreams, feelings, troubles, tattoos, loneliness, need to experience more of life..everything. Some of those now, some of those when I was younger. It felt like we could be the same person at times. I feel like I say that with all of Ms. Halle's characters, and I probably do, but that also really goes to show her ability to create such complex, yet understandable people. Vera, though, well she was just something different. Anyway.


I really think it's incredibly hard to accurately portray the emotions that are brought out in these situations. However, Ms. Halle did it amazingly. Especially in the second and third parts of the books when we were able to see Vera and Mateo outside of their little bubble they created while at Las Palabras. I spent the entire last two parts on constant verge of an emotional breakdown that I had to hold in because it was ridiculously late at night and I didn't want to wake the husband up with my hysterical sobbing. The guilt, the guilt over not feeling guilty enough, the love, the struggles, the hope. Every aspect was just completely nailed.


I don't think I can recommend this enough. It was a little slow going for me initially, but by the end it was just outstanding.

Kudos for Ms. Halle for stepping out of her comfort zone to bring us this. I'm extremely grateful for it.