Nothing innocent here.

Veiled Innocence - Ella Frank

2.5 Stars

So. I have said it before and apparently will say it again. The whole key to making a taboo relationship of any kind work is making sure that the reader (me) has enough to understand WHY this relationship is happening. If said relationship lacks depth, then it just comes across as a couple of horny ass people with absolutely no self control whatsoever and in turn makes you not really give a damn what happens to either of them. 30+ year old teacher may go to jail for repeatedly banging his hot, young student? Aww, poor baby. You should have kept it in your pants for another year. Zero sympathy.


Anyway. I guess that I didn't hate Veiled Innocence. It, obviously, lacked some serious depth to the story line. I have no clue of the time line for the book. Did he wait a week, 6 weeks, 6 months before he caved to the apparently awesome feminine wiles of a troubled 18 year old? No freaking clue. How about if he fell in love with her for something other than her amazing vagina powers? No idea on that one either. I need to know these things.


On the good side of this, I loved how Addison's mania was handled. The Tick, Tick, Tock did get old after a while, but everyone has their own coping mechanisms in life so it definitely fit with the story. Her troubles were probably the only other aspect of the book that was well thought out and written. That and the sex. Lots of that and it was good sex, so that's something.


So yeah, 2.5 stars. It was an interesting idea, but without any real depth to Addison and Grayson's relationship I can't completely get behind it.