Innocents Cover Reveal.


This is one of the books that I am most excited about this year.  I've actually read it before when it was the fan fiction story, Dusty.  I hated/loved it.  I'm pretty sure that my review was a huge rambling mess about how much I hated every single person in the book and how horrible it was.  But I could not stop reading it.  Thirty-eight chapters and over 1k pages, took me an entire day, a 2 hour power nap at like 6 am, and then on to finishing it after I woke up.  I then proceeded to pretty much lose my mind over the end and join twitter so I can make sure that the authors knew how much I hated them (in a good way.  Kind of).  Then I goaded my best friend into reading it also, because  misery loves company. 


Honestly, this book isn't for everyone.  When I say that there is not a redeeming character in the entire book, I'm not joking.  They all suck.  It was so well-written though and such a heartbreaking look into characters with serious flaws like addiction, narcissism, absenteeism, idiot-ism, abuse, among others, that I was hooked beyond belief to the story.  The two authors each bring something different to the writing, one who writes all of the shitty stuff and another to pretty it up.  It's a good combination. 


Anyway, the Elizabeths decided to break this up into two books for publishing, so Innocents is only the first half.  Good for the sanity, horrible for the patience.  So, if you are someone who is okay with reading a book that has absolutely no redeeming characters, all of whom you wish you could actually reach through the book to bitch slap, and actually like it, look for this on July 14, 2014.  


I'll be buying myself & the best friend a paperback copy so we can systematically torture ourselves one more time.