Series Review..

Sing - C.D. Reiss


Do I really need to say much more?  No, no I don't. I will anyway though.  


Possible slight spoilers ahead..


The Songs of Submission is a serial of 7 novellas navigating the (somewhat) BDSM relationship between Monica and Johnathan.  It's been a while since I ventured back into this genre of book for a couple of reasons.  One was it got to be too "popular".  That's probably not the right word for it, but it seemed to be the go to topic for recent releases.  Two, the few books that I did read in the genre, it always seemed to revolve around BDSM being a repercussion of something being emotionally "wrong" with one or both of the people involved in the relationship.  I can't say that there isn't heavy emotional baggage that could be a potential reason for Johnathan's need for control, but I can say that Monica never sees it as something that she has to cure.  That alone makes this serial worth a shot for me.  Anyway.  


The biggest plus I can give this, was that it was hot.  Hot even for me and I'm actually fairly immune to sex scenes in books now.  I can read them, I can acknowledge the fact that they would be hot, but that acknowledgement is about the end for me.  This one actually had me attempting to create a bubble of actual personal space to keep my ever so wonderful children away from me while I read.  Did I eventually get tired of all of the sex scenes? Yes, but I read this entire serial in a day.  It probably would have been different if I read everything spaced out.  Too much of a good thing never works out to my advantage.


The biggest negative I can give was that it got a little redundant after a while.  Too much drama.  Too many lies.  Too many doubts.  Too many break ups(ish).   It just got a little hard to wade through all of the crap to get to the heart of everything.  It wasn't impossible though, so that is at least something.  I will also say that I didn't really care for Sing.  It was probably the strongest book, relationship wise though.  It just seemed a little, out of place maybe?  I guess after 6 books of doubts and struggles, seeing it all finally snap together for both Monica and Johnathan--in the face of a serious medical issue--seemed slightly like a cop out.  I would have rather they found that without such dire circumstances...


So, overall I really, really enjoyed this serial. It had it's moments of me wanting to slam my head onto the nearest hard surface, but for the most part it was intriguing with just the right amount of steam to keep me going.