Broken - M.L. Young

Broken, was just that. Broken.


The dialogue was stilted and came off very juvenile most of the time. This just created so many problems with the book. The main characters had no chemistry. The dramatic aspects of the book lacked any kind of actual suspense. I think the worst part of this was that the storyline of the trauma that Bailey faced prior to moving to Chicago was handled terribly and very unrealistically. At least a year of trying to ignore and repress a supposed major sexual trauma and she goes to one short counseling session and she is okay? I get that this was a short book and the storyline was moving along in hyperdrive. Seriously, even Han Solo would have been impressed with the speed at which this book progressed. Anyway, she does continue with therapy, but it really bothered me how she had been struggling for that long and all of the sudden she is no longer broken and has no problem facing her ex. 

So. I can't say that this was absolutely terrible. However, it most definitely was not good. If there is some serious tweaking of the dialogue, pacing, and general "feel" of the book, there may be potential for the storyline.


*Arc provided by Netgalley for a honest review.