I'm apparently still on a book reading/reviewing hiatus.  I'm currently using any spare time to mentally calculate exactly how much tequila I can get away with drinking while at Book Bash (which just so happens to be right after closing. Score) next month and still be able to function enough to avoid having to make the best friend carry me everywhere.  If I actually had the time, I'd start pre-staging now.  Alas, the Navy, home buying (I'm almost positive that they are going to ask me to provide my first born and a DNA sample next), moving and baseball season is taking away from pre-staging, much less book reading.  


Anyway, house buying is fun.  House buying while actively trying to deal with moving Navy style sans husband due to an insane boat schedule is super fun.  Woo.  Three more weeks plus Book Bash recovery time, and I'm going to read so much that I might as well glue my iPad directly to my hand to avoid any possible lapse in reading time.