Take the title literally.

So Much It Hurts - Melanie   Dawn

You find out that the woman you have been in "love" with for over 10 years and had an one time hook up/affair with 5 years prior got knocked up and never told you about it, but you love her oh so much and she seems oh so happy that all you do is set up an education fund for said kid that is obviously yours and then walk away. Fuck that shit.


Yeah, yeah. He did it for the best because the kid seems happy and doesn't know any different, but hey guess what. The kid deserves to know different. The dad deserves to know different. Especially if the only reason you didn't bother to let him know was because you and your husband decided to work things out. No thank you. At least give the dad, who you claimed to also love, a fucking choice in the matter. These story lines piss me off. It pissed me off the first time I read a book with it, but at least the rest of that book was good enough to offset it even if I absolutely hated it and demanded a new ending (I didn't get it, but just throwing it out there that I still really want a different one) AND she had the balls to tell both of the men, not just her husband. Can't say that with this one. I can't pinpoint any one thing that made me dislike this book, it was more of my overall feeling of it. I never connected with the characters, and in turn just had to skim most of it to get to the end, which spawned above rant. It was just not my scene.