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Possessed by You - Jo-Anna Walker

I don't know why I keep reading books in this genre.  They all drive me nuts.  Same tortured soul of a guy, same girl that instantly changes said tortured soul's ways, same drama, same ridiculous pet names.  And yet, I keep reading them despite the fact that 99% of them result in the same reaction.  I guess I keep hoping that one day, I'll find the one that changes everything for me and I'll no longer have the book-tortured soul.  Either that, or I enjoy a little book masochism.  


But, hey, it was free.  As was the second one in the series, which I also read/skimmed (see mention above about masochistic tendencies and this non-review will also apply to that one), so I obviously don't completely hate myself.   


I will say (because I don't want to sound completely bitchy today) that if you DO like this genre, you will probably like this book.  There are plenty of actual reviews out there singing it's praises.  So, it is entirely possible that it is just me and I should not quite so slowly back away from reading this genre.