Another day, another KA book.

The Promise (The 'Burg Series) - Kristen Ashley

I love Kristen Ashley books.  I really do.  Sometimes I just don't know why I love them anymore.  There is such a stark difference in my opinions of her books from when I first started reading them to now that it is kind of depressing.  Everything is just starting to bleed together, I guess.  But at the same time, when she does attempt change things up I wax poetic about somebody I used to know and not knowing what I've got until it's gone.  So, who knows.  


I'm assuming based on the above rambling, you can kind of see where my brain is at with The Promise.  It was typical KA.  Excessive descriptions, man-whore turned one woman man when he finally finds "the one" that he was meant to have, and woman who fights that love tooth and nail before she finally realizes the error of her ways and 180's and since this is the 'burg series, a dash of crime drama tossed in.  Does that meant that I didn't like it? No, because I'm a sucker for all of that crap.  I love it, even if I have to skim good chunks of it.  The formula she uses works. It especially works when you learn really early on to skip all of the outfit and room descriptions.  


On the plus side of all of this (and it's a really big plus for me), we had all kinds of side story with Joe (and Vi), otherwise known as Erika's number one KA dude ever with no hopes of that title being given to someone else. I could have skipped the rest of the book in it's entirety and just read about Joe and Vi's wedding/children's birth and would have been content with life.   And writing this review now, I honestly can't think of any thing in Frankie and Benny's book that I deem as important as Joe's bit parts other than the chapter that also included Luke Stark (my numero dos KA guy) in it.  


I think that has been the biggest issue with KA's books for me.  There has only been one other book in all of her new to me releases that can compete with being as good as her earlier stuff.  I keep reading and keep trying though.