Infinity + One - Amy Harmon

Infinity + One, the story of the modern day Bonnie and Clyde.  A suicidal country music princess and a ex-con math genius from Boston (cough Will Hunting cough) meet and proceed to fall in love during a cross country crime wait, that's not it.  A cross county do-gooding spree.  Yep, I said that.  While on the run from the evil stage grandmother, they embark on a cross country spree of good deeds.  Helping a stranded mother with her two children (one of whom has leukemia and a love of Miss Bonnie Rae),  picking up a scraggly haired hitchhiker,  helping ensure a granddad and his grandson safe passage home, and secretly slipping some monetary donations along the way.   All of this while they are on the run from the law (evil stage-grandmother, yeah) for kidnapping, grand theft auto, attempted murder, etc etc etc.  Sounds a little fantastical, yeah?  


Well, it was.  Maybe I'm too cynical to see the awesomeness in this, but it just didn't hit the mark for me.  I went into this thinking, Amy Harmon (Making Faces & A Different Blue), this is bound to be good even if it doesn't sound like my cup of tea.  And to a point, it was.  The writing is what I would expect, it was good.  It started out pretty slow, but I became slightly more invested by the half way point.  I KNEW they weren't going to end up like their namesakes, I mean let's face it, this isn't a Tarryn Fisher novel.  They are going to have a happy ending and it's going to be disgustingly happy in which everything works out peachy keen, jelly bean.  If that is your cup o' tea, you are going to love this.  It WAS well written.  It was an interesting story despite the mushy-ness.  You did care what happened to Bonnie and Finn (Clyde that is.  Infinity Clyde, hence the title), even if you really didn't want too.  I just wanted a wee bit more out of the book, because I expected more out of Amy Harmon.   


So, if you are looking for a feel good book that is a little different at the same time, this is probably a good choice.  If not, feel free to come back when you are.  



A post-script for those who care.  I would have stopped reading this pretty early on had it not been for the while Kindle Unlimited thing.  I haven't decided if that is good or bad yet.  Good because I am kind of forcing myself more out of the box and bad because I don't like being forced to do anything so it is a drag.  So far, I've gotten my $9.99 though.  The Princess Bride is $5.45 and this one is $4.95 if bought regularly.