A Shade of Vampire 7: A Break of Day - Bella Forrest

I finished it.  The entire series.  There was a lot of skimming involved, but it happened.  And it was miserable.  Honestly, by book 4 I had absolutely no clue why I was continuing to do this to myself.  I mean, am I really that stubborn when I make a decision to do something?  I am, apparently.  


I will say that the books eventually get better.  Not better as in them being good or anything, rather better as in you no longer feel the need to toss your iPad in the middle of the road so it can be run over repeatedly because you've lost all hope in books.  Okay, so that's a little dramatic.  I'd never willingly let anything happen to my iPad.  It would have been considered it I had borrowed a copy of a paperback from a friend.  Friends don't let friends read questionable books and all.  Unless you are me and obviously lack common sense.  




I never saw why this warrants so many 5 star reviews on Goodreads & Amazon.  The writing was disjointed, plot lines were tossed in with little understanding, characters were absolutely idiotic, eighteen year old girls were knocked up by their ex-vamp new husband (honeymoon baby, cue the awwwws) and said babies (twins!) are apparently going to be so amazingly awesome that the bad guys want to kidnap said children and we never find out why.  Please, authors, stop with the it is so amazing for teenagers to be pregnant, husband or not, story lines. It's not adorably sweet.  


I just need to stop now.  Bottom line is that I kept reading out of curiosity about the reviews and since the books were a part of Kindle Unlimited it didn't cost me anything this month.  But now I am going to get back to my HP reread and remind myself that there are books out there that do provide good literary influences for children/teenagers.