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Get in the Van: On the Road With Black Flag - Henry Rollins

"Wiping guts off my hands. Reminds me of Lincoln, Nebraska.  I checked out a place where a woman had shot herself in the head a day earlier.  I had my hands covered with brain tissue, slime, dirt and dead grass.  I wiped my hands off on Ratman's van and my t-shirt. I remember pulling the brains to my nose to see what they smelled like. It didn't smell like much. I thought about tasting it. I did not. I should have. I still have some of that lady's brains wrapped up in tinfoil. I should break some off and eat it. That will probably be my only chance to eat some human flesh. What a trip. 


Eat some of the brains from a lady that blew her skull apart. What would that make me? What would you think?"