hippieed perceptions

Just a punk hippie, book obsessed chick sharing my quite biased opinions on books and  whatever else flips my skirt at the time.  Especially if it's about kitties.  Or Jim Morrison. 

What Rates My Rates

No Stars...These are rare and it usually means that I just refused to even give it a shot. 


One Star...Just a straight up bad book or a DNF. 


Two Stars...It wasn't bad enough for me to quit reading it, but that's just because I'm a masochist. 


Three Stars...My middle ground.  It was either a good read, but nothing special or I hated it so much that I was willing to rate it at 3 stars just because it evoked so much hate. It takes a lot for me to absolutely despise something. 


Four Stars...I really, really liked it. Totally worth the read, but still missing a little something. 


Five Stars...I completely empathize with Annie Wilkes' mania. It's a book that I consider nothing short of amazing and proceed to text/call/email everyone I know and force them to read or face the wrath of the Erika. 


Any half stars are just when I can't decide between the two. I'm a chick, I reserve the right to be undecided.